The one where I spend all weekend (and the rest of the week) creating the "perfect" planner

Karin Abernathy

I'm going to regale you this week with my search for the "perfect" planner. Not just any planner. A PERFECT PLANNER. The one that is perfect for me. The one that will make me wonder how I've been living my life before it. In all my years traveling to Office Depots, OfficeMaxs, & Staples, I was beginning to lose hope that I would ever be able to find such a thing.  At least, one that wasn't going to cost me $200 to build.  And still not give me all that I want in it.  
Day Runner.....I freaking LOVE Day Runner products!  I've owned more than a few in my time and they are really well put together.  My issue? I always need 2 pages per day because I write so big.  I also need note pages because I like having things right there with the date because my memory is shite and I really need dates. This was always a problem with the smaller (6-hole) Day Runners.  Great size for my purse, bad size for what I need it for. 
Next I tried Day Timer.  Pretty good little planner.  Again I ran into a size issue.  Perfect to fit in my purse but not for my writing. (Curse you 1980's cursive lessons!). I needed a BIGGER planner.
Back again to Day Runner. They had a super cool one that was basically a leather covered 3-ring binder. AMAZING! Had handles & everything. PERFECT! Like a briefcase for just my planner. So beautiful. I wish they'd had one in purple leather. Alas, they did not. Which turned out to be moot since I seriously did NOT want to pay $55.00 for the thing. Purple or not. The 2-page a day inserts were $54.00! And then I would still have to get the monthly & the weekly sheets (what can I say? I like to be organized.) And my memory is shite. I need to see shit 2-3 times before it actually sinks in. 
So....I spent the rest of Saturday and most of Sunday creating my own planner. One that would make sure I had EVERYTHING at the ready for what ever I need. One that would help me keep my insane shit together. 
I decided to head back to Office Depot (I love that place like a kid loves a candy store) to find the start of what is turning out to be the BEST.PLANNER.EVER. I got a back-to-school special, 3-ring notebook.  Of course, it's got a funky design on it. Gotta have some coolness. Then I got one of those "tough" pen/pencil cases to go into the binder. You know the kind.  2-3 zippers, holds none of your shit bigger than a Biro. Just like high school again. but without all the crippling angst. The notebook I bought has 5 plastic dividers that I can keep loose paper in (flyers for more events & such)
Once I got my notebook, it was time to start making pages.  I don't have the patience to create my own, I want someone to have done it already. I'm lazy like that. So I just started a Google search for any blog out there that could help me keep my crap in order.  Lo & behold, there were several pages which had almost exactly what I wanted.  Went thru quite a few to see what they were doing, was it going to be able to keep my entire world in it, is it "perfect"? Some were good, some were not-so-good, and some doesn't make any sense at all to me. has some super groovy printable pages for a full size planner (like me, 8.5 x 11). Or the smaller 6-hole planners most people seem to dig. Different colors, styles, yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, to-do's, etc.  I made print outs of a Daily To-Do list (so many great items on it!  "I Must Complete", "I really should", "if I have time".  Errands, calls to make, Daily focus, etc. Even has a "worries for another day" section.  Every time I look at it, I hear Fraggle Rock. I hope that what she intended because it sure does make me happy. And a print out of an undated daily agenda. Times for my appointments, plenty of room for me to make notes on the side of the page.
This set up is damn near as perfect as I've ever been able to get. A durable FULL-SIZE notebook, pages I could print out myself (thus saving me money because....damn! $54 for planner pages? I can get a ream of printer paper for $6!) This freaking thing is AWESOME!
I may need a bigger purse now. Methinks I'm going to have to go messenger bag shopping! 


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