WE'RE BACK!! (Okay, actually we never really left...)

Karin Abernathy

I know it seems like we've been gone forever but we really haven't. We've been wicked busy reorganizing, planning, plotting, scheming, and conceiving! But first.........
Happy Birthday to us! Happy Birthday to us! Happy Birthday, Mountain Dragonfly!! Happy Birthday to US!! LOOK OUT WORLD! We're officially 1!                      
The Mountain Dragonfly started life in June 2016 doing small craft fairs & farmers markets. Having never done anything remotely close to this before (Working in medical in NO WAY prepares one for how to work at either of these arenas), we figured that this would be a good way to get our feet wet and maybe learn a few things.
Now, I've worked retail before but that was waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the early 90's (when Kurt Cobain was still alive, Bill Clinton was elected President, and Sinead O'Connor was still relevant). Customer Service Supervisor at Office Max may sound like a lofty title but all it meant was that I was allowed to do returns unlike the regular cashiers. At Anthony's Department Store, I was Department Manager for accessories and lingerie. Another great title. And all I did was keep the bras, panties, & hosiery stocked. I also got to display the jewelry. Which was super cool but the best part? The employee discount. I bought so many clothes.....
Retail Life...
Retail Days get the jist, we were babes in the wood, noobs, rookies, we had no idea what the hell we were doing. Thank the maker for all the fellow crafters/vendors we met along the way! Giving us tips, letting us know what shows to do, which shows to stay away from, and   helping us . 
We began life with a gig in Palmer Park on Fridays last summer. While they weren't our most lucrative events (Most days not even making back our booth fee), we still met some fantastic people, made some great business contacts, and most importantly, we figured out ourselves and the type of image we wanted to project. I think we're getting there. It has been some of the  work we've ever done but we are so very happy with what we've achieved in one short year.
The market in Palmer Park led us to shows in Calhan Summer Fest, Limon, Simla Days, Ramah, Fairplay, and the Colorado Springs Pagan Pride to name a few. We had a blast (even if we didn't always know what we were doing) and learned a TON.
Some of the things we thought about doing when we first started never quite got off the ground, some things got off the ground but not very high (can you say LEAD BALLOON?), and some went completely off the rails and became even better than originally planned. And a few, like in all things, were the absolute WORST idea ever imagined (yeah, let's not do those again, shall we?) and were promptly done away with.
SWEET MUPPETY CHRIST, what was I even doing?
We even (somehow) found the time to convert Amber's basement into our very own Mountain Dragonfly Studio! Look at this beauty! Took us an entire week to move everything downstairs (the original studio was upstairs where we were LITERALLY on top of each other), arrange, and organize. 
Basement BEFORE   Basement BEFORE #2
Basement AFTER
From our (super mega) humble beginnings to the amazingness that is currently happening, we're really excited to see where this new year of The Mountain Dragonfly takes us. It looks to be amazing!  Come along for the ride! You won't be disappointed!
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