The one where we introduce ourselves

Karin Abernathy

This is the bit where we introduce ourselves, give you some bullshit about how we were bored with being stay at home mommies and that we needed an outlet for all our pent up mommy time (there's only so much wine you can drink before people start to plan interventions), how my minivan is the BEST minivan on the market, how we bake our own bread (to include hamburger & hot dog buns), and tell you all our wacky PTA adventures and how we never knew love until we had our first & only child, a blond 4 year old named Madison or Dakota or Brooklyn or some shit. Well...........this ain't that kinda blog, friend.
This is us. I am Karin (on the right). The foul-mouthed, dark-haired one. The other is Amber (on the left). She's the impetus behind The Mountain Dragonfly. And equally foul-mouthed. We talk a LOT of smack.  Usually before, after, & during imbibing a metric shit ton of booze (see above example) 
Now when I say that Amber is the impetus, I mean, she started this company after looking for something to do for extra income AND have fun doing it.  I joined shortly after (I think it was a matter of a week). We both soon became adamant that we will NOT go back to what we were both doing for the last 20+ years.  Both of us came to this from the very HIGH stress, high burnout rate medical billing field. I'm actually surprised we made it that long. It's a rough, rough gig.  We've been through the initial Tricare implementation, HIPAA implementation, and we've. We've started with paper billing and made it thru electronic billing. We've run clinical offices, we've been on the back end where we never saw a single patient, and we've both decided....NEVER AGAIN. 
Amber & I have ALWAYS worked well together. If I told you we've worked together 4 times in the last 20 years, would you believe me? What if I told you that NEITHER of us work well when one of us is the boss? Best idea? Work for ourselves!  We're both the boss! And we both LOVE it!
Being in business with your best friend is 50% "This is the most awesome thing ever!" and 50% "I'm gonna hurt this bitch".  But mostly the awesome bits.  Those are my favorite bits.  
So there you have it! Our very first blog post. You know a little bit about us (In case, you didn't before) and a little bit of why we started this bananapants endeavor.
More to come!  Be prepared for massive squeeage as Doctor Strange will be out in less than a month and I'm not going to be able to restrain myself much longer!  

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